Pregnancy Care and Labor Doula Service


What is a doula?

The word doula  comes from the ancient Greek meaning "women who serves".  It is now used to refer to a professional who provides continuous physical, educational and emotional support to the mother before, during and after childbirth.   

Doulas do not provide medical pregnancy care.  That is left to the Midwife or OB/GYN.  Instead, the doula is there to provide emotional support to both the mother and the father or birth companion.    She suggests positions and comfort measures that may help to speed up a slow or painful labor.  She acts a a liaison between provider and parents and can help to interpret confusing medical terms.   


Many  of my HypnoBirthing moms and dads choose to have me at the birth as a knowledgable support person during birth. Since we've trained together throughout pregnancy and we are all "on the same page" with your birth preferences and the gentle Hypnobirthing language, I am in a unique position to support you throughout your birth.  I do not take the place of your loved one.  Rather, I am there to support and encourage both of you and help you to understand the lingo of the labor room and in the case of special circumstances I can help you to understand your options.  Research shows that women who have a doula or labor companion are much less likely to end up with a c-section.  They even use less pain medicine and have fewer interventions.  Having another women who has not only birthed her own children but who has also learned comfort measures to assist others is a wise decision.

Reserve your birthing time

Since your baby may come anytime between 38 to 42 weeks you'll need to make sure you have doula coverage for that month.  I am already booking births  as much as 6 months in the future.  When you reserve my services as a doula my pledge to you as that I will be available for you anytime during that due month.  I don't travel more than an hour away from home and of course won't plan a vacation during that time either.  For that reason I ask for full payment by your 36th week of pregnancy.

Labor companion Contract (docx)